Dr Khaled Dewan, DDS

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Khaled Dewan is a  Functional Medicine Practitioner in collaboration with IFM, USA. He is an International certified Health and Nutrition coach ,IIN, USA.

Dewan works on the mindset, nutrition and lifestyle of his clients from a functional medicine perspective, helping break barriers between them and their optimal health, mindset, nutrition and lifestyle goals.

Khaled Dewan is a board certified health and nutrition coach from the American Association of Drugless Practicioners. The education he has taken on top of his Health and Nutrition Coaching certification (IIN) range from courses including:

– Nutritional Medicine Profiler (ICANS),

– Precision Nutrition Level 1,

– FODMAP diet for IBS (Monash University),

– Certified Fitness trainer (ISSA),

– Movement and Mobility specialist (MWOD),

– Periodization Program design (Poliquin), Performance and recovery nutrition (Poliquin), Developing explosive strength (Poliquin),

– Foundation of Metabolism and Psychology of change (University of Next Level, USA),

– Nutrition Biochemistry, Blood sugar management, Mitochondrial health, Detoxification (Metablic Fitness),

– Mentoring and coaching, and stress management (Aihfe).

Khaled has a decade of professional coaching experience, he has personally conducted thousands of coaching sessions, and has written equally as many plans and action steps for clients all over the world ranging from professional athletes including Mohamed Salah (Egypt soccer National Team), Nour El-sherbini (Squash Champion), Maysra El-Naggar (Judo champion), Ahmed Ashraf (Karate champion) to the health enthusiast wanting to lose weight and have a balanced lifestyle.

Client’s come to khaled when they have fought to reach their ultimate body goals, but keep coming up short for some reason. His coaching philosophy is relatively simple, he meets his clients where they are at and help break the barriers between them and their goals. No two clients are coached the same, Each of his clients has a unique history, psychology, circumstances, beliefs, goals and barriers. Khaled draws from his knowledge and expertise to deveop a perfectly tailored program to push anyone forward in their health, nutrition and fitness journey.