Individualized Consultations

Individualized Consultations

There is no One pill fits all. This is why at AWARE clinic we are taking the time and doing extra work to dive deep into the patient’s health to understand the imbalances in his body, which imbalance to address first, and which tools are best for him.

Tools can include:

1- Life style Modification: exercise, sleep, nutrition and how you breathe.

2- Certain Foods that works on certain diseases.

3- Making the Necessary check up investigations to see how those imbalances have affected his body.

4- Make a follow up plan.

5- Make a Tailored Individualized Protocol to follow strictly in order to reach his goals of Health.

The Success of any Program, Protocol or consultation depends on “The Compliance & Willingness of the Patient to invest in his health and Perseverance to change his old habits into new healthy ones”.

You are The Driver of your Health, we are just here to give you directions !