AWARE clinic is a Functional Medicine online platform launched in Egypt. founded by renowned Dr. Wafaa Abdel-Hadi in 2014. The clinic is a firm believer that knowledge and awareness of your underlying health are vital in understanding how to prevent and reverse diseases within the body.

We’re focused on teaching communities in Egypt and throughout the Middle East about the benefits of Functional Medicine

While Dr. Wafaa’s original purpose for AWARE Clinic was to provide individualized consultations and recovery programs for patients, AWARE’s highly skilled team is beginning a new chapter of their foundation that is focused on teaching communities in Egypt and throughout the Middle East about the benefits of Functional Medicine.

Through educational lectures, the clinic’s objectives are to ensure those they teach will become more in tune with the signs and symptoms of their bodies so they can begin to make active and positive changes in their lifestyles –ensuring they have a chance to live a long and healthy life that is free of diseases. The human body is compelling in healing and regeneration, and AWARE clinic is making it their mission to educate the community to be aware of their lifestyle choices that can positively affect their health.

As medicine continues to make progress, integrative medicine is at the forefront of healing people with minimal use of harsh medications and treatments that can potentially damage the body in the future. AWARE clinic provides worldly education for doctors who desire to pursue a career in Integrative medicine. The clinic is also in alliance with state of the art facilities worldwide who are seeking doctors to join the medical field and become certified medical practitioners in integrative medicine. The clinic encourages 1 who wish to visit and sit in on the doctor’s educational lectures to learn more information about integrative medicine’s underlying methodologies before enrolling in their innovative and comprehensive medical program.

Integrative Health and wellness are expected to grow exponentially in the following years as people worldwide are becoming more open-minded to alternative forms of treatment and the harmful toxins present in the environment that directly affect their health. The clinic welcomes all community members to come in and learn how to take back control of their health. With the right education, AWARE continues to empower the community to make conscious decisions about their body and health that will eradicate explicit diseases from the global population one day.